Various Bargrooves: Black Volume Two

This double CD of back to back sets mixed by Seamless Recordings creator Ben Sowton and Swedish DJ/producer Martin Brodin (of Deeplay Music) shows many variations of melodic house, hovering around the place where uplifting meets introspective. This edition of Bargrooves: Black shows influences of tribal house with an edge and electro magnetic grooves beyond the formulaic. The music on this album is danceable with varied vocal and instrumental samples, many showing intelligent builds and progressions interspersed with moments of calm stillness. While some of the mixing grinds a bit off the mark of perfection, memorable tracks include the Rabbit in the Moon-like "Ghost in the Mist” by Redanka, "Rej” by Ame, and "Mushrooms,” Marshall Jefferson vs. Noosa Heads’ tribute to eating the psychedelic fungi. Keep your eye on this label. (Seamless)