Various Arabesque Zoudge

I'm a sucker for the wallpaper potential of global electronica (or whatever else you want to call the increasingly popular fusion of beats with world music). The way it provides the aural excursion while maintaining interest through its rhythmic modernity. And Arabesque Zoudge, a compilation of sounds emanating from the confines of one of London's cooler clubs, is a fine addition to the canon. Gathering Jah Wobble, Rachid Taha and many lesser-known artists, the compiler made sure the North African flavours - ranging from Algerian violins and Morrocan trance to traditional Pakistani vocals and an Egyptian orchestra - dominate throughout, allowing the break beats and pieces to enhance rather than obscure the source. The end result is a new Interzone, where Marrakech has gone mad for it and Tangiers is sending dispatches back from the future. (React)