Various AmbiEtno

World-beat, with the emphasis on beat, from the Northern hemisphere gets a full showcase in AmbiEtno, which is a compilation of Scandinavian and Russian electronic dance cuts. Beats are quick, light and hover just outside Euro-pop, but the originality and fusion of some of the tunes gives a cultured, if not quirky, edge to the bouncy bpms. Featured artists include Gjallarhorn and Ulla Pirttijarvi, and the CD includes two bonus tracks of the U.S. remixes of Angelit's "Garkit." One need not be a world music junkie to get into the ultra up-tempo Nordic groove, but without a doubt these tracks are bound to catch the attention of astute party goers, who will find themselves dancing fast and furious to Swedish folk-rooted techno laced with rough-edged Sami chants and didgeridoo. (Warner)