Apparently this double CD is a soundtrack to a German film, yet also a talent showcase for the artists on the Kitty-Yo label. Upbeat sitar jamming to a danceable beat. Gonzales featuring Paul PM: rap styling done over lo-fi instrumentation. Peaches: cheeky vocals wailing irreverent lyrics, the way a bordello Madame would advise a new employee on the trade, set to programmed rhythms and synth lines. Surrogat: garage and surf rock. Duck Soup: ska-styled inspired head nodding to rock-steady beats. Laub: a cool, extended drum solo along with improv instrumentation. Maximilian Hecker: a track that's so Catherine Wheel. Mosermeyerdoring featuring Jovanka von Willsforf: an emotionally up-beat closing credits kind of tune. CD two is mostly instrumental, with selections from CD one that seem like a re-interpretative DJ session turned into a score. This CD offers diverse genres with strong emotional content; after all, it is a soundtrack to a film. (Kitty Yo)