Various The Abduction of the Art of Noise

Remixing ’80s sampler wizards the Art of Noise seems almost redundant, given that their collage-like tracks were rather like remixes to begin with. But as the liner notes point out, The Abduction is more of a reconstruction of the source material, as the artists here offer up their interpretations of AoN’s material. Ambient worldbeat maestro Banco de Gaia appears under his Disco Gecko guise, turning in a break beat-laden version of "Snapshot” that builds up into a sweeping release. Ninja Tune duo Hexstatic give "Backbeat” an unexpected funk edge, while L.A. rock band Velvet Chain (best known for being the in-house band on TV’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer) dig deep to find the more melodic facets of the track with a piano-heavy mix. An interesting way to revisit the sound of a group that made its mark on electronic music. (Iris Light)