Various 90.9 With a Bullet: 20 Years of Calgary Music on CJSW

From the entertaining liner notes to the strong song selection, this compilation of the surprising and interesting Calgary scene over the last 20 years will open both the eyes and ears. Ordered somewhat chronologically over two discs, the first deals with the first ten years, while the second, naturally, provides a wrap-up of the recent scene, including the likes of the recently-disbanded and hot shit up and comers. While the first disc has a couple of stand out moments like Sacred Heart of Elvis’ crazybilly-inflected "Wheezing Dog on Leash” or the Ferment-era Catherine Wheel throwback "Revenge of the Blazer Boys” by Red Autumn Fall, it truly is the second disc that brims with exciting possibility. Look no further than the hazy rock of the Dudes’ "They’re A Comin’” and the dark tension of Vailhalen’s "Was It a Fix?” for proof. Although giving the album highlight crown to Chad Van Gaalen’s "Day-Ja-Voo X2” may seem like a nod to the current hype, it isn’t. Van Gaalen may sing, "You got to be shitting me, I can’t dance to this beat,” but yes, you soon will be as Calgary, after so many years of false starts, may finally be bursting open. (Saved by Radio)