Various Musik Oblik: Musics in the Margin 2

Lack of traditional musical competence is no obstacle when the urge to vocalize overtakes the likes of mixed media artist Klaus Beyer. For example, his version of the Beatles' "Hey Jude," sung over looped, non sequitur sections of the original track, is way out of tune, jerkily just out of synch with the rhythm, and yet somehow weirdly endearing. Somewhat more competent are the bizarrely compelling tunes made over a cheesy Band-in-a-Box backing by Quebecois Normand L'Amour (aka Normand Cournoyer), who began his musical career at age 70. And how can you not respond to his insistent, vibrato-modulated vocals that deliver a tune that rhymes "cuisine," "Jacqueline" and "poutine"? The man could become Canada's poet laureate. "Oratorio," by multi-artist Baudouin Oosterlynck, is eerily chanted through prostheses and interspersed with maniacal shrieks. The Wild Classical Music Ensemble's "Soufflé" finds experimental musician Damien Magnette leading four learning-disabled artists in a gripping performance, featuring throbbing drums, slide guitars and interrupting electronic sounds. Seldom heard music by Renaissance visionary composer Gesualdo and a piece using antennae to pick up electromagnetic noise from the ionosphere are just two more tracks from this consciousness-expanding collection of outsider music. (Sub Rosa)