Various Spectral 139

Various Spectral 139
Since its establishment almost two decades ago, Spectral Sound has evolved from an offshoot of Ghostly International to become a magnet for some of the best techno and house on offer. This new collection squeezes eight tracks onto two 12-inches. Not one of them will let you down.
Gunnar Haslam gets us started with an acid flashback called "Versione Antica." After studying particle physics and signal processing, the New Yorker turned to DJing and music making in 2013. He's in fine form here, reminding the uninitiated that house music has a long and varied history.
Bay Area producer Russell E.L. Butler delivers another highlight. His sort-of-minimalist "Run Away With My Heart" hits the low end better than most; don't try to sit this one out.
Next is D'Marc Cantu's "Regular People," a demographic he cannot claim to be a part of. At this since 2000, Cantu has seen it all. This is the kind of track only an accomplished professional can produce.
The final entry comes from Canadian Nigil Caenaan. "January's End" deserves a curtain call. First released Feb. 1, 1999, it's still as fresh as new fallen snow. Gorgeous minimalist techno. (Spectral Sound)