Mortal Kombat: Songs Inspired by the Warriors

BY Ashley HampsonPublished Apr 5, 2011

A ton of electronic artists regularly produce and compile soundtracks for the ever-expanding world of videogames; it's become commonplace. But what sets the good apart from the bad is how listenable they are. That is to say, can they stand on their own as a soundtrack or does the music lose all its lustre once removed from context? Now, my penchant for videogames dropped off well over a decade ago, but a soundtrack celebrating the warriors of Mortal Kombat, produced and curated by MSTRKRFT's JFK? It really is as good as it sounds. JFK opens the disc with "Deathstalker (Scorpion's Theme)," a track rife with gritty, urgent synths that pulse with grimy drops. Mortal Kombat boasts an impressive roster, with DJs such as Harvard Bass, L.A. Riots, Felix Cartal and Sound of Stereo creating character themes. "Liu Kang's Theme" by Congorock takes warning sirens to a new level with an overlay of frenetic percussion ― the sharp, agitated cymbals providing just enough grating crash to complement the high-pitched synths. Skrillex (the L.A. whiz kid who's turning heads) throws down "Reptile's Theme" in signature fidget style, with warbling, wobbling drops and the occasional voiceover thrown in for good measure ― "flawless victory," anyone? A stellar compilation and a must for any fan of well crafted electro.
(Teenage Riot)

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