Various Manoeuvres 3

So Called Recording's third West coast showcase, Manoeuvres 3, delivers more bass-laden, slightly heady downtempo from the Van City scene. Starting with the sonic surf of Sinewave's "Exploded Nodes," followed by the off-kilter beats and new wave glitch of Dreamboat's "Townies," Manoeuvres 3 demonstrates an already more eclectic turn than previous outings. The melodic synths of returnees such as Christer and Telefuzz are joined by CD-friendly dub-step cuts from Vancouver's Lighta Crew. Michael Red amps the Casio for dub-lite play tune "Top Score," and Taal Mala plies lots of flubbery bass to the squirrelly basement party beats of "'Bangface." Returning to more traditional groove in, and after, the 4/4 kick of Mike Verde's "Riding My Bike At Night," Manoeuvres 3 trails out beautifully on the soaring synth and mellowed rhythms of Intrinsic Warrior's "Of The Sun," ending with the deep bass and jazz operatics of Elonious Funk's "Rose Black Shadow." (So Called)