Various Kompakt Total 11

Legendary Cologne-based label Kompakt celebrates their annual compilation series with Total 11, a two-disc CD set featuring over 95-percent new material. Wolfgang Voigt, Jurgen Paape and Michael Mayer launched the label back in 1998, starting the Total compilation series in 1999. Known for being one of the most well regarded and successful techno labels, Kompakt has evolved throughout the years, embracing and distributing genres such as ambient, house, shuffle-tech, trance and dance while predominantly catering to the club scene. With their evolution and popularity unfortunately comes a lack of consistency with the quality of their output and this is apparent on Total 11. Ivan Smagghe and Tim Paris deliver a chugging rockabilly jam with "It's A Fine Line." Jörg Burger delivers "Sparwasser," an easy listening vocal pop song with guitar. All sorts of styles and genres emerge on this compilation, but unfortunately, the few gems drown when they're slammed beside something completely unrelated. Sadly, it takes more than a few good tracks to make a great album. (Kompakt)