Various Hallam Foe

As much a label sampler as a soundtrack, Hallam Foe lives and dies by Domino’s back catalogue. All 16 artists involved stem from the British label’s stable of talent, often those of Scottish origin, which makes them a good fit for the offbeat, very Scottish film (titled Mister Foe in North America). However, Domino fans shouldn’t expect a whole lot of new sounds. With the exception of the uncharacteristically dour Franz Ferdinand track "Hallam Foe Dandelion Blow,” all the songs have previously been released. This means you get familiar tracks by the likes of Orange Juice, Clinic, Sons and Daughter, James Yorkston, Junior Boys and Hood. The upside to Domino taking the reins, however, is that the Hallam Foe’s soundtrack is consistently strong, preserving a good flow throughout, even if it’s a dreary one. In the end, you’re left with an enjoyable listen, but not one that brings a lot of new excitement to the table. (Domino)