Various Drumpoems Verse 1

Drumpoems Verse 1 is the first compilation put out by Zurich’s Drumpoet Community. Founded in 2005, the purpose of the Drumpoet Community was to take the ever-changing scheme of in-club house and add some personality, some character to it — something. Drumpoems Verse 1 deconstructs house, exploring its depths, slowing it down and producing something that can definitely hold rank in any nightclub without being monotonous and overbearing. The album is a mixture of exclusive songs, re-edits and remixes from community artists, including a great edit of "Rest Your Senses” by Manuel Tur and Dplay. The track has a gradual build while keeping a relaxed vibe, a principle the entire album seems to be based on. Other notables on the disc include "Take Root” by Thabo and a mix of Sascha Dive’s "Deep.” Drumpoems’s warm answer to the tedium of clubland rests in its ability to be both a chill-out album and one that makes way for those dancing shoes. (Compost)