Vanishing Voices Stone Tablet

The new album from Vanishing Voice (who you might be familiar with from the prolific Wooden Wand of 5RC fame) is two tracks of psychedelic, fuzzed Kraut-like goodness. The drones are bathed in a murky, blessed-out wandering ode to Can. Featuring Pete Nolan on drums and Steve J. Taveniere of Brooklyn’s Meneguar on acoustic guitar, amongst other contributors, Stone Tablet is a full-fledged, magical, raunchy jam into the outer stratosphere and a project that should keep fans of the wide reaching Wooden Wand family and affiliates satiated until the clan’s next release. A perfect soundtrack to spooked-out campfires and a groovy cool down after a night of noise or more imposing heavy psych, Stone Tablet gives just enough for the listener to latch on to yet pulls back and lets you make up your own story for the soundtrack. (Important)