Vanishing Songs for Psychotic Children

Goths. I hate ‘em. Not because of their linear fashion sense, nor for their bogus imprecations, but because the noir, gloom-weaving trolls have tried to annex so many quality nondenominational bands. Believe it or not, Joy Division and the Cure didn’t carry around steel-plated lunch boxes or whisper ball-shrinking incantations, and for God’s sake, neither does Adult. But San Francisco three-piece the Vanishing have taken Adult’s brooding electro broth, sucked all of the fun parts out — the synth-drum dynamic, the mind-flattening bass and overall danceability — and distilled it into a vacuous, Kuperus-biting miasma. Perhaps front-woman Jesse Eva confronts the band’s shortcomings on "White Walls” singing, "To exist in this sterile space without a personality/you’re living in a clean and violent cell.” Or perhaps she’s talking out of her ass. Please Goths, you have Marilyn Manson and Harry Potter, can’t you just be happy with that? (Gold Standard Laboratories)