The Vandals vs. MASH

The Vandals vs. MASH
The Vandals are great. They're great dudes and they write great songs. They've been doing it for a long time. They're busy with other gigs now (Escalante hosts a morning show, Freese drums in every band on the planet), but they still make time to come up to crappy, snowy Toronto as part of a weekend flurry of shows. And they make time to play "My Girlfriend's Dead" for a bunch of really appreciative, smelly people.

This interview was great. Escalante and Fitzgerald were great. What sucked was our camera situation. Our last video was marred by some serious sound problems that stemmed from the fact that our video camera doesn't actually have an external microphone input; rather, the very amazing Dean DiGuilio hacked the built-in mic out of the camera, attached it to some wires and a stick, and we took off running. Seems this contraption wasn't built to last, as we started to learn last weekend and were taught positively before our scheduled interview with the Vandals. Not wanting to have another video with really awful sound, I grabbed a friend's camera. I charged the battery. Seriously. I did. Then it died after fifteen minutes. This was a huge bummer and there isn't much else to say about it. Except that we got a new camera, with a mic input, and life is rad again.

Our actual, pre-MASH interview was really great, though, and if you're a fan of the band, it will be well-worth checking out this Wednesday.

No, really. Real interview here on Wednesday.

The Vandals "43210-1"