Vancouver's N0V3L Share Spooky Video for "Violent & Paranoid"

The track comes off the Vancouver band's 2021 album 'Non-Fiction'
Vancouver's N0V3L Share Spooky Video for 'Violent & Paranoid'
Vancouver-based post-punk outfit N0V3L have released a haunting stop-motion animation video for the song "Violent & Paranoid." The track was released on their recent album Non-Fiction, which dropped in May via Flemish Eye.

The post-punk band collaborated with visual artist Doom Baby to create a deeply unsettling video for the song. The "Violent & Paranoid" visual accompaniment has treaded far from the endearing claymation we associate with children's movies — it's more like The Witch crossed with Coraline. The video's macabre nature suits the themes handled in the track, as it deals with the more sinister aspects of the digital age and the anxieties of current society.

"In our era of an omnipresent internet with its vast reach and persistent echo chambers, this DIY piece aims to represent the infectious nature of various ideologies fostered in the online environment," Doom Baby shared in a press release. "An opinion, conspiracy, or new movement can start at one IP address, continually morphing in cyberspace; as its mutated interpretations spread, more frequently than ever, they cross over to cause real-world consequences."

The animator blends elements of horror and historical detail with the use of cult imagery, a plague doctor, resurrected animals and the German fable "The Town Musicians of Bremen." These elements coalesce to illustrate the feelings of powerlessness experienced when trying to subvert those in power.

The brilliant video compliments the acclaimed Non-Fiction, leaving a desire for more in its wake. If it were a feature-length film, there would be no complaints.

Check out the video for "Violent & Paranoid" below.