Vancouver Christmas Fundraiser Raffling Keith Richards' Pants

Vancouver Christmas Fundraiser Raffling Keith Richards' Pants
For the sixth year in a row, the Keithmas Foodbank Fundraiser will be coming to Vancouver to celebrate the holiday season. More specifically, it will be honouring Christmas and Keith Richards' birthday on December 18 at the Rickshaw with a charity-minded event.
The tradition began in 2010 as "a marriage made in heaven (or hell, depending on your perspective) of Keith Richards and Christmas," designed to pay homage to the Rolling Stones guitar god, while benefitting the local foodbank.
The full lineup for the "fundrager" has yet to be revealed, but this year's event will feature nine bands, including the Dahle brothers of Age of Electric, Limblifter, New Pornographers and Mounties fame. The Jolts, Rich Hope and His Evil Doers, and La Chinga are also on the bill. What has been fully confirmed is that all of the musical acts will be "playing their collective asses off doing the Stones/Keef songbook and drinking an ungodly amount of Jack Daniels."
It's not just an evening of boozy musical fun, though, as fundraising efforts will be in place to reach a $10,000 goal for the local foodbank. To help reach that goal, organizers have obtained am "authenticated" pair of Keef's pants and will be auctioning them off in a raffle.
Tickets are available now for $15 a piece. Full event details can be found here.
For the purposes of full disclosure, the Keithmas Foodbank Fundraiser is an Exclaim!-sponsored event.