Van Dyke Parks Remembers JFK with New Single

Van Dyke Parks Remembers JFK with New Single
Today (November 22) marks the 50th anniversary of U.S. leader John F. Kennedy's assassination, and orchestral pop icon Van Dyke Parks is acknowledging this pivotal event by releasing a single with two previously unreleased tracks.

"I'm History" was produced by Parks, along with Doug Lacy. According to a press release, the song "reflects Parks' regret, risking being viewed as a scold, he really aims to celebrate youth, and its potential for a higher bar in social expectations. It's not a tune built for a dance floor."

On the flip is "Charm School," which was co-written and co-produced with friend Ira Ingber; it is said to be a sequel of sorts to the '70s albums Discover America and Clang of the Yankee Reaper.

A slightly confusing announcement describes it like this: "Set in a post-Colonial, pre-Mac-World Caribbean idyll, set around lovers lounging in tree-limbs, watching croquet. Trinidadians who were there and can remember, will pick up the reference to Lord Mayor Cipriani, and a scent of frangipani."

The songs will be released digitally today via Bella Union. A vinyl 7-inch will follow on December 2. The croquet-themed cover art — an oil panting by Kenton Nelson — is above.