Valery Vaughn Valery Vaughn

Valery Vaughn Valery Vaughn
Who or what is Valery Vaughn? A new beer? An apprentice witch? Vincent Huard doesn't seem certain as he sings on the opening "C'est Qui Ça?" Could she be a reality TV star, an ex-con, or a Gorgon? Maybe it's his mom?
What is certain: it's the name of a stoner rock duo, featuring Huard's voice and bass, and Victor Tremblay on synth and drums. It's their self-titled debut, a raucous batch of tunes that capture a metal and punk vibe, self-described as Francophone fuzz.
The band, based in Montreal's Rosemont, melodically explore pain and alienation in songs on relationships, death, and nonsense. Welded onto their strong technique and funny French tales is a cast of characters that include a manic depressive "John Division," "Pablo Placard," a thief who wants something other than money, and "Brian Emo": "He's the best / He's a singer." (That is all you need to know.)
Sufficiently distorted in heavy bass and the talented Tremblay's penchant for anything percussive, there are headbanging breakup songs ("Pourquoi"), a wordless ode to a washing machine ("Whirlpool II"), and the demented Beach Boys parody of a petty sunbather having the most wonderful time without you on "T'aimes Même Pas La Plage Anyway" (you don't even like the beach anyway).
It's filthy, alliterative fun — whatever it is. (Costume)