Vaginal Croutons Eightball Stench

Johnny Jackoff, Spongy Crackers, Brutus, and Harry Sacks compose members 35 through 38 of Montreal’s Vaginal Croutons. After going through more break-ups and line-up changes than your local Spinal Tap cover band, these alcoholically challenged youngsters have taken up the torch left in the gutter by their predecessors and released four new songs on the net. If a sense of humour is as much a prerequisite as a goofy pseudonym, then these cats pass with flying colours. Songs like “Raver Turd” and “Mama’s Gonna Die this Christmas” provide a good showcase for their wit, along with a tribute to one of this country’s most loved canine icons, the Littlest Hobo. So if you missed the Croutons the first time around, keep your ears peeled because you’ll be hearing from them soon enough. (Independent)