VaGiants Short And Hard

Boasting perhaps the most clever genital-themed band name since Toronto's Boygina, Winnipeg's VaGiants describe themselves in their bio as "a back-alley fight between AC/DC and Tina Turner while the Stooges sit on the sidelines chanting, 'Fight sloppier!' and 'Fuck you!'" It's funny because it's true. The Tina Turner bit refers to vocalist Joanne "J. Rod" Rodriguez, whose diminutive stature belies her throaty, spot-on vocal might. The balance of the talented quartet (including former members of Stagmummer and the Hummers) does it up in the style of a faster, louder and raunchier Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. The entire production has a frantic, non-stop and decidedly live feel about it, which makes sense, given the VaGiants' reputation as one of Manitoba's premier live acts. Incidentally, the band's moniker is supposed to be a comment on the "sausage party" that is the music biz. Even so, it's still good for some laughs. (Independent)