V For Vendetta Beneath This Mask Another Mask

Perhaps this full-length debut from Providence's newest heirs to the fractured rock throne is most noteworthy for its sense of pacing, placement and dynamics (usually within the same song). This guitar/drums duo is able to strike a delicate balance between the chime-y guitars and breathy vocals of their more subdued moments and the spare propulsion that takes over when "the rock" inevitably gets the better of them. In fact, this is the type of band whose originality lies in lulling the listener into a false sense of security into deluding them into thinking that there's nothing really going on, at which precise point they up the ante and attack full-throttle. In short, the math-rock boys club definitely needs this kind of sonic and ideological shake-up on a way more frequent basis (one whose subtleties make it that much stronger). (Mr. Lady)