The User Synphony #2 for Dot Matrix Printers

Synphony #2 for Dot Matrix Printers is the second release that explores music made from an unlikely medium - 14 dot matrix printers conducted by obsolete file servers conveying text file scores. These 12 partitas executed by the User (the duo of T. McIntosh and E. Madan) explore the inherent musical nuances that can be found in these printers, depending on the text commands. Synphony #2 compels one to rethink the sounds those archaic machines make, which were once a kind of anathema to hearing. With some imagination and a willingness to accept the inherent harmonies in the hums, clicks, squeals, screeches, clatter, et al., the listener may be rewarded with some unique melodic crescendos expressed via mechanised cadences. The paradoxical phrase "acoustic electronic music" comes to mind. Though the tunes may be considered chintzy by some, there is humour and character and an overall cleverness that he/she may not always find from artists that use more traditional instrumentation. (Asphodel)