USA is a Monster Sunset at the End of the Industrial Age

First you have to get over the suspicion that all of this might be a joke that you don’t get… or worse, a joke on you. I mean, a hippie duo playing hyper-manic prog/hardcore guitar and drums with a huge heart-on for the environment and Native American history?? All with Day-Glo felt pen cover art? Tom Hohmann and Colin Langenus are here to assure you… no joke, scumbag. Sunset… is a song cycle that touches on the many ways that Caucasians have fucked the planet up (and now have their eye on Mars). With 100% irony free lyrics that blur the lines between Senior High Granola Society and Unabomber their message is never anything but clear. It would be a cringe-fest if not for the muscular and precise onslaught of proto-metal that backs it up. Unlike last year’s Wohaw the duo have all but dropped their pastoral folk flipside except for brief passages in the epic title track and the slightly shorter "Spirit of Revenge,” which closes the album. Throughout they are as four hands working for one brain… a brain calling to "[r]ise rise rise a-political sun,” and shine as "new tall buildings [grow] like grass in the shadows of the towers of the past.” (Load)