U.S Roughnecks Twenty Bucks and Two Black Eyes

Refusing to sedate their music or their attitudes, the U.S. Roughnecks detonate their latest effort with a forceful blow to the torso and a kick to the nuts. So long as the band brings some toughness back to the present day American Idol pseudo-punk rock movement, the U.S. Roughnecks will have fulfilled their own personal goal. And with a lack of authentic hardcore bands around, they easily fill a much needed niche for everyone else. The 14 pulsating blasts of punk rock havoc confined to this disc will surely result in many kids shaving off their unkempt emo hair for a stubbly skinhead. Moreover, with an inherent distrust for authority, especially the men in blue (oink oink), it’s no wonder why the band possesses no qualms in stating that their songs are all about street fighting and being arrested. With that being said, what better way to start off a summer of discontent? (Hellcat)