Update: Nike Also Ask Cassius To PLAY Original Run Mix

Update: Nike Also Ask Cassius To <i>PLAY</i> Original Run Mix
As we reported earlier today, Nike has roped in DJ/producer A-Trak for their next instalment in their workout music series, "Original Run.” Well, apparently Nike has also infected French house duo Cassius with some fitness fever as well.

This week CASSIUSPLAY, duo Phillipe Zdar and BoomBass’s very own jog jam, hit iTunes, dishing out 45 minutes of sound to keep you company on the long, painful road to physical well-being.

However, while the Cassius mix is still geared toward getting your heart rate up, it draws inspiration from a rather unlikely ambient source. While talking to Drowned in Sound, Zdar said Cassius’s main muse was Brian Eno and the producer’s classic piece of sonic ambience, Music for Airports.

"We didn’t know what to think at first. The only thing we knew was that before we were wearing leather shoes, we were wearing Nike,” Zdar said. "So it seemed a brand we could relate to and after finding out more about the project they had conceived we started to look at the wider picture and the technical aspects we could apply. So we thought why not try something that is a new challenge.”

And by "challenge” we assume Zdar means getting Eno to inspire movement. But even if Cassius’s take on him doesn’t, Zdar said the mix would fit a more sedentary lifestyle as well. "I don’t think people think of themselves as runners first,” he said. "People are more complex than that. For the same reason, I hope people will want to listen to it at home or in the car or at any other place in their lives”

To check out the CASSIUSPLAY mix, click here.