Upcoming Kurt Cobain Rarities Set to Include Unreleased Recordings, "Sketch Comedy Routine"

Upcoming Kurt Cobain Rarities Set to Include Unreleased Recordings, 'Sketch Comedy Routine'
Though the full details are still on the way, it looks like the previously teased album of Kurt Cobain rarities will be released this November, right around the time that the Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck documentary will arrive on home video.

UPDATE: An interview with Montage of Heck filmmaker Brett Morgen has him confirming both the home release of the film and the Cobain LP hit retailers on November 6.

A new interview with Montage of Heck director Brett Morgen has him explaining that the as-yet untitled collection will feature all of the unreleased music from the late Nirvana frontman that was featured in the film, as well as dozen extra tracks. This apparently includes "audio montages" and "a sketch comedy routine featuring Kurt voicing all of the characters."

Stylistically, the recordings are said to range "from thrash to ragtime and everything in between," with the unifying theme being that these were recorded by Cobain on his own.

"These are all just Kurt by himself with the guitar," Morgen explained to Billboard. "These aren't multi-track, finished songs or work-ups, but they're extraordinary, and I think they provide a tremendous insight into his [creative] process. I think they further our understanding of Kurt, both as a musician and as a man."

Even aside from the "sketch comedy routine," Morgen suggests that the posthumous compilation presents "a lighter portrait of Kurt than one might expect."

"You really get a sense of how happy he was simply by creating himself," the filmmaker said. "His lyrics are really playful, and, at times, you can feel his smile and warmth coming through."

Track names have not been delivered just yet either, complicated by the fact that many of the tapes that were used for the project were unmarked. All told, Morgen said he scanned 200 hours worth of recordings that were left behind on 107 unmarked cassettes.

On a related note, Cobain's demo recordings from his old Fecal Matter project with the Melvins' Dale Crover have been circling again. You'll find a stream of what they produced together over here.