Unwound to Issue 'Live Leaves' Concert set

Unwound to Issue 'Live Leaves' Concert set
Considering Unwound broke up in 2002, there's been a noticeable drought in new material from the Olympia post-hardcore outfit over the last decade. Fans looking for a little more music from the crew, however, are about to be treated to a live album called Live Leaves. Unwound will issue the two-LP set December 11.

A press release [via Pitchfork] explains that the set was recorded throughout Unwound's final U.S. tour in 2001 by Mike Ziegler, who was travelling with the band. The material captured within is said to present the band at an interesting point in their career; Unwound were touring behind their final experimental and exploratory LP, Leaves Turn Inside, and had added original drummer Brandt Sandeno to their live show to play keyboards, and a second guitarist, David Scott Stone.

"We weren't quite prepared — but then again, we rarely were," guitarist/vocalist Justin Trosper said in a statement.

The grab bag of recordings is said to reflect the time period and encapsulates a band on the verge of collapse, dealing with a tour cycle that started just before 9/11 hit, changing the mood of the trip.

"I'm the first to admit that Unwound was not a consistent live band," Tropser added. "Some of the shows on this tour were rough. We nearly broke up two weeks in, after 9/11 threw everything up in the air. You may notice that most of the shows represented on this compilation occurred after 9/11. Prior to that, we had good energy, but we were still working out how to play the songs as a five-piece. Then, for whatever reason, we rocked hard for like a week in the south. Survival instincts kept us alive for a bit afterward, but during the California leg of the tour we self-destructed, and eventually we decided to cancel our European and Japanese tours."

You can read the rest of Trosper's message here, and check out the tracklisting down below and the art up above.

Live Leaves:

1. We Invent You - 10/16/2001 (SF, CA. Bimbo's)
2. Terminus - 10/15/2001 (SF, CA. Bimbo's)
3. December - 9/21/2001 (Austin, TX. Emo's)
4. Look A Ghost - 9/21/2001 (Austin, TX. Emo's)
5. Scarlette - 9/01/2001 (Chicago, IL. Fireside Bowl)
6. Lifetime - 0/16/2001 (Carrboro, NC. Cat's Cradle)
7. Corpse Pose - 09/17/2001 (Athens, CA. 40 Watt Club)
8. October All Over - 9/06/2001 (Detroit, MI. Magic Stick)
9. Arboretum - 9/22/2001 (Denton, TX. Rubber Gloves)
10. Below The Salt - 9/22/2001 (Denton, TX. Rubber Gloves)
11. No Tech - 9/16/2001 (Carrboro, NC. Cat's Cradle)
12. Valentine Card - 9/16/2001 (Carrboro, NC. Cat's Cradle)
13. Radio Gra - 9/18/2001 (Antlanta, GA. Echo Lounge)