Univers Zero Rhythmix

Daniel Denis is a drummer/percussionist that understands that "dynamic" is not synonymous with "overdriven." On this second new release following his group's break-up in 1986, the composer grounds the trajectory of the pieces with a low-end throb of tympani and bass drum, while the upper reaches of sound are left vacant except for the occasional trill of a flute, trumpet or glockenspiel. The in-between is where the story is told, as oboe, bassoon, bass clarinet and low-register keyboards rumble along like a herd of muscular beasts through some mythical forest. The restraint in tempo and sombre tonality, at times, gives the music a funereal, or dirge-like, quality, blending elements of classical and folkloric themes. Above all though, it is a rock record, sitting alongside the Magma and King Crimson selections on the shelf, but safe for listeners who value tone and texture over notes-per-second. (Cuneiform)