The Unicorns Headed to Pop Montreal

The Unicorns Headed to Pop Montreal
Remember when the rumours first started that lo-fi pop act the Unicorns would reunite, but then Nick Thorburn quashed those reports? Then remember when the Unicorns were added to some Arcade Fire shows in the U.S., and then Thorburn said they wouldn't be playing any more shows?

Turns out, he was just toying with us, as the Unicorns have added one more show to their reunion run, as they're among the new additions to the 2014 edition of Pop Montreal, which runs from September 17 to 21. The beloved group will headline a show at the festival, and a press release promises that this will be their "ONLY" (caps theirs) show in Canada.

In addition to the Unicorns, the fest has also added ska hero Stranger Cole, shoegazing punk act Whirr, pop weirdoes Ricky Eat Acid, children's singer Jennifer Gasoi and local hip-hop producer Dishwasher.

Other recent additions to the lineup include Galaxie 500 heroes Damon & Naomi, who will deliver a talk at POP Symposium and perform a live soundtrack to Naomi's film Fortune. The symposium will also include panel talks with Ty Segall, filmmaker Astra Taylor, sound engineer George Massenburg and media theory expert Jonathan Sterne.

These artists join the previously announced lineup, which includes Panda Bear, Twin Shadow, Sun Kil Moon, Donnie & Joe Emerson, Sheryl Crow, PS I Love You, Solids and many more.

UPDATE: The Unicorns also this morning announced the reissue of 2003's Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone?, which will arrive on July 29, with a CD on August 26 and limited vinyl record on October 7.