Underworld & Gabriel Yard Original Music for the Anthony Minghella Film Breaking and Entering

It seems that more and more artists are making the move from selling out shows to conquering Hollywood, and not just in poorly picked acting roles. Gone are the days of a John Williams overture now that trance kingpins or Staten Island producers are moving in on the territory, as moviegoers demand more progressive thematic accompaniment, from the art-house all the way to the blockbuster. Yared has an established pedigree in cinema, particularly with Minghella, winning an Oscar for The English Patient, with nominations for The Talented Mr. Ripley and Cold Mountain. Underworld rose to international fame after their trance anthem "Born Slippy” was featured in Trainspotting, and although this soundtrack is a far cry from the four on the floor beats that brought them great success (indeed, actual beats are few and far between), their ability to create ambient moods and synthesised textures translates beautifully in conjunction with Yared’s traditional orchestration to give flavours of Underworld to an otherwise predictable Minghella film soundtrack. (V2)