Underwater Bleed Me Blue

The Underwater hail from York, Pennsylvania, home of notable rock acts such as Live and Fuel. The group's debut EP Bleed Me Blue features seven songs with very different features. Harmonised guitars are at the forefront of the lead track, "To Find You." It is almost the call-and-answer style that can be heard on a Sum 41 record, only much slower tempo. Other tracks like "Disaster" have a very distinct '80s sound. Vocalist Dan Thomas has an expressive voice that is reminiscent of Train's Pat Monahan. But the song lyrics are weak and just don't drudge up any real emotion. The title track, "Bleed Me Blue," is by far the stand-out. It has the raw simplicity of only an acoustic guitar and bare vocals. The closing track, "Pedigree Dog Killer," is a techno-flavoured hard rock instrumental that doesn't fit with the pop sensibilities of the rest of the record. Bleed Me Blue, despite its good qualities, is tarnished by some bad decisions. The Underwater need to write more like "Bleed Me Blue." (Tribunal)