U2 Drop New Album as Surprise Free Release on iTunes

U2 Drop New Album as Surprise Free Release on iTunes
What the hell? When we woke up this morning, we didn't expect to hear an entire new album from U2, but that's exactly what's happened.

We knew that the Irish arena rock gods had an album in the works, and now they have surprised us by releasing Songs of Innocence for free on iTunes. Yes, you read that right — it's completely free of charge, as it will remain until October 13. It's currently exclusive to Apple and is being given to anyone and everyone with an iTunes account. (That's half a billion people.)

Not coincidentally, U2 and iTunes released the album to coincide with a press conference about the new iPhone 6. The band performed at the event.

They made the album with producers Danger Mouse, Flood, Paul Epworth and Ryan Tedder. According to a press release, it charts the group's "earliest influences from '70s rock and punk rock to early '80s electronica and soul."

Bono said in a statement, "From the very beginning U2 have always wanted our music to reach as many people as possible, the clue is in our name I suppose — so today is kind of mind-blowing to us. The most personal album we've written could be shared with half a billion people… by hitting send. If only songwriting was that easy. It's exciting and humbling to think that people who don't know U2 or listen to rock music for that matter might check us out. Working with Apple is always a blast. They only want to do things that haven't been done before — that's a thrill to be part of."

To pick up Songs of Innocence, just log onto iTunes. Island Records/Universal Music Canada will release the record physically on October 13.

Songs of Innocence:

1. The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)
2. Every Breaking Wave
3. California (There Is No End to Love)
4. Song for Someone
5. Iris (Hold Me Close)
6. Volcano
7. Raised by Wolves
8. Cedarwood Road
9. Sleep Like a Baby Tonight
10. This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now
11. The Troubles