µ-ziq Compiles Expanded 'Somerset Avenue Tracks (1992-1995)' Collection

µ-ziq Compiles Expanded 'Somerset Avenue Tracks (1992-1995)' Collection
µ-ziq (a.k.a. electronic musician Mike Paradinas) is undergoing a renaissance, having recently issued his XTEP EP last month and with his Chewed Corners LP dropping next Tuesday (June 25) via Planet Mu. The artist has also been exploring his past with the recent Somerset Avenue Tracks (1992-1995) LP, which Paradinas' Planet Mu will now issue as a double CD on August 6.

A press release explains that the compilation, the label's 300th release, was curated by Paradinas' wife and Heterotic band member Lara Rix-Martin, and it offers up "unreleased productions from the start of [µ-ziq's] career in the early '90s." While the recent two-LP version of the set brought forth 12 previously unheard tracks, the bonus disc included on the CD edition offers another dozen cuts that didn't fit on the vinyl release.

Apparently, the set runs from airy, Rhodes-driven ambient pieces ("Air") to industrial techno ("Toy Gun #2"), while also offering arrangements incorporating mandolin and violin ("Str06"), marimba ("Airto") and more. You can see the expanded tracklisting down below.

Somerset Avenue Tracks (1992-1995):

1. Jewel Tea
2. Vinxel
3. Trail Quest
4. Toy Gun #2
5. Spooky Tooth
6. Air
7. Pollux
8. Str06
9. Diala
10. Airto
11. Johnson's Q-Fab
12. Green Lanes
13. Toss
14. Boistron
15. Preero
16. Victor's March
17. Ischjgt Mmp
18. Billy Bellsium
19. Boilig
20. Sinc
21. Poc
22. Ropt
23. Oh
24. Melodion