Ty Tabor Safety

King's X guitar slinger Ty Tabor's third solo album away from his power-trio day job almost never saw the light of day. Despite three years of toil, Tabor himself very nearly pulled the plug, believing the record was too dark and personal to share with the general public. How wrong he was. Safety largely chronicles the break-up of his marriage, and for that reason showcases some of the most personal and powerful songs he's ever written. With the exception of a few cameos from band-mate Jerry Gaskill and former Galactic Cowboys guitarist Wally Farkas, Tabor recorded the album on his own in his home studio. Listening to songs like "Missing Love" and "Funeral," you can just imagine him sitting in a darkened studio pining for the woman who broke his heart, wondering what went wrong and finally coming to the realisation that it's time to move on. It's a story of lost love and redemption. But as they say, from adversity comes strength, and great art. For Tabor, the outpouring of emotion made Safety cathartic and therapeutic. For us, it's a great rock record with themes pretty much everyone who has ever loved and lost can relate to. (Metal Blade)