Ty Segall Announces Massive 47-Song Demos Box Set

'Pig Man Lives Volume 1' is out November 1
Ty Segall Announces Massive 47-Song Demos Box Set
Never one to shy away from releasing an exorbitant amounts of records, Ty Segall has announced a massive box set containing a decade's worth of demos stemming from some of his most popular albums. The box set is titled Pig Man Lives Volume 1 and will be released on November 1 via Drag City.

The collection is a whopping 47 songs long, including demos that shaped albums like ManipulatorTy Segall, Slaughterhouse, Freedom's GoblinSleeperEmotional Mugger and Twins. Drag City will release the set in a four-LP package – pre-orders can be purchased here

You can see the box set's tracklist below.

Ty Segall & the Freedom Band are currently on tour in support of Segall's latest record First Taste. So far, though, they have no upcoming Canadian dates. 

Pig Man Lives Volume 1:

1. Squealer
2. Don't You Want to Know
3. The Magazine
4. Take Care to Comb Your Hair
5. Mister Main
6. Feel
7. Green Belly
8. Breakfast Eggs
9. Manipulator
10. Papers
11. Song Number 12
12. My Lady's on Fire
13. Diversion
14. Tall Man Skinny Lady
15. Orange Color Queen
16. Fanny Dog
17. Meaning
18. She Don't Care
19. The Fakir
20. Untitled #6
21. Who's Producing You?
22. Stick Around
23. You're the Doctor
24. California Hills
26. Warm Hands
27. Break a Guitar 2
28. Every 1's a Winner
29. Candy Man
30. Handglams
31. It's Over
32. Golden One (Only One)
33. Pan
34. Alta
35. The Singer
36. The Hills
37. Thank God for the Sinners
38. Shoot You Up
39. The Feels
40. Connection
41. Thank You Mr. Kane
42. When Mommy Kills You
43. She
44. Slaughterhouse
45. Sue Thumb
46. Talkin' 'Bout Yourself
47. 5 Feet Tall