Ty Segall


BY Melody LauPublished Aug 19, 2013

The thoughts of Ty Segall often come out via a distorted, echoing filter, drenched in aggressive noise and the West coast rocker's signature wail. But, on latest solo release Sleeper, Segall channels his emotions in a different manner: acoustic guitar. This isn't because the songwriter has run out of steam — Segall released three albums last year and Sleeper is one of two records coming out in 2013. Instead, this change in pace was a natural path his feelings led him down. Following the death of his father, Sleeper features some of the musician's most personal lyrics, regarding his dad and the ugly falling out with his mom, whom he no longer speaks to. Still immersed in a raw, lo-fi world, Sleeper's tracks originate from a similar place as his other efforts, but this psychedelic throwback is less of a tailspin and more slow drawl. Segall's Dylan-esque voice is more prominent on numbers like "The Keepers," while "Sweet C.C." could easily be a lost T. Rex gem. Segall may not be bouncing off the walls on Sleeper, but its decided shift shows his range and ability to continue churning out great releases at an alarming speed.
(Drag City)

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