Ty Segall

Fudge Sandwich

BY Cosette SchulzPublished Oct 29, 2018

Here's Ty Segall, American fuzz-lord extraordinaire, serving up a record of covers sweetly named Fudge Sandwich. You can safely assume you're in for a treat with Segall, who constantly churns out record after record, always trying something new along the way, and rarely (if ever) drops the ball. This time around, he's put together his take on 11 favourites, complete with plenty of signature squeals and delectable guitar tones.
No stranger to covers — recall his delightful take on Hot Chocolate's "Every 1's a Winner" from Freedom Goblin — Segall does a great job here, taking the bones of each tune and rebuilding them into his own creations. He doesn't exactly reinvent Spencer Davis Group's delightful "I'm A Man," but he does have it slowly dissolve into an ending that has guitars seem like they have it out for each other. His take on Funkadelic's "Hit It and Quit It" is awfully fun, fuzzing the funk and somehow making it catchier than the original, and really having a time with his vocals throughout. Segall doubles the length of the Dils' "Class War," turning it into an acoustic-driven song that sweetens the original and strengthens its sentiment — definitely an album highlight.
Bless Segall for taking the somewhat goofy "Low Rider" and turning it into a dark and deranged, brooding and booming number. Neil Young's "The Loner" becomes an explosion that you just might mistake for a lost track from Segall's 2012 release Slaughterhouse, due to its ferocity and the punch it packs. Album ender "Slowboat," a Sparks cover, is a bit of a snore, but it doesn't ruin the fun of Fudge Sandwich one bit.
It's neat to hear Segall's version of these songs — revitalizing them and making them his own — and he certainly offered up a colourful mix. Segall said he "really made it for fun," and you can certainly hear that. This is labour of love, no doubt, from a man that is a true music lover — as his work continues to prove.
(In The Red)

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