Two Tears Enjoy Yourself

Two Tears vocalist Kerry Davis rides out over waves of beaten-up guitars and eclectic twangs with a voice that is jagged, scratched, and scathing, but a breath later it turns into thick, golden cascades of sound. Enjoy Yourself reflects Davis’ melange of styles, kicking off with "The Weight,” in which Two Tears launches into a rolling drum beat, blending guitars that are both flailing and pensive, and Davis’ delicate wails that enters to bring the first track into a spasmodic climax. But by the second song, "Wiggle Like a Worm,” Two Tears take an unprecedented twist into a grainy mix of alt-country territory and ’90s indie rock. It soon becomes clear that the aim of this album is to have no direction at all. "Shit Fucking Job” perfectly captures the frustration that shit fucking jobs create as Davis screams so sordidly that it’s hard to distinguish her voice from the screeching guitars. "Morris the Code” rips through the air with such a frenzied oddness it could rival AIDS Wolf and the indie art-rock entourage combined. The numerous costume changes this band’s sound goes through keeps a dynamic vibe going on, and it’s taken all the right things from all the right genres to make it great. (Bent Rail Foundation)