Two Gallants The Scenery of Farewell

Veering off from their typically aggressive, electric sound, Two Gallants have created an acoustic EP that turned out quite lovely. With drowning violins, dismal harmonica solos and the intertwining of both Adam Fontaine and Hyde Edneud’s emotional vocals, The Scenery Farewell is subtle and submissive while simultaneously powerful. Singing about a fallacy once chased on the song "Up the Country,” there seems to be a dark undertone regarding dissatisfaction that resonates throughout the entire EP. That being said, their tumbling rhythmic and vocal progressions make each song a beautiful arrangement of carefully placed moments of restraint and force. With the slight taps of the drums and delicate plucking of the guitar, the build-ups that are created when the contra bass, harmonica and cello come in have helped the Two Gallants create enchanting musical scenery. (Saddle Creek)