Two-Minute Miracles Volume IV: The Lions of Love

London, ON’s finest, the Two-Minute Miracles return with a captivating collection of 16 spirited songs. Andy Magoffin has never been shy conveying anecdotal info in his music and, as something of a sponge, his quirky curiosity has yielded some terrific multi-layered lyrics. A master musician to boot, Magoffin’s Two-Minute Miracles can be the most daring rock band this side of Wilco, building ingenious songs up into sturdy, eye-catching structures. The band is further afield here and the results are fascinating. On "The Minus Ball,” Magoffin documents a time-share struggle between his home in London and Guelph, where his lady friend Jenny Mitchell (the Barmitzvah Brothers) lives. London is winning but further insight is available via "Unusual Romance” and "Don’t Come Knocking.” Song of the year candidates "Night of Rain” and "The Bee Hell” flex strong, distinctive Magoffin muscles, while "In a Good Light” shows off his inherent sweetness. Endearing and puzzling, The Lions of Love is a welcome, pure dose of seedy rock’n’roll by the Two-Minute Miracles. (Weewerk)