Twiztid Map Out First-ever Canadian Tour, Talk 'A New Nightmare'

Twiztid Map Out First-ever Canadian Tour, Talk 'A New Nightmare'
Horrorcore duo Twiztid have been releasing albums for a decade and a half, but they still haven't gone on a full-blown Canadian tour. That will finally change in September, when the rappers hit the road in our country for a couple of weeks' worth of shows.

Speaking to Exclaim!, band member Madrox explained that they have long intended to come to Canada, but this was thought to be impossible since some members of their entourage have "personal records." Their new manager recently sorted out the problem, though, and a recent Toronto show went off without a hitch.

So what should concertgoers expect from the tour? According to Madrox, "Expect a good mix of Twiztid tunes from our anthology that spans from years of underground music, as well as amazing lights, and a gigantic video wall just behind us playing some truly sick and twiztid footage."

Madrox added that he was looking forward to finally see the fans who have been requesting a Canadian tour. He further noted that he is eagerly anticipating our comic book shops and noted, "I also want to hit up some of the food fare that Canada has to offer. I hear that 'poutine' is a popular snack of choice."

By the time the band hit the road, they will have released their latest album, A New Nightmare, which features a guest spot from Swollen Members. This is Twiztid's first independent release, and Monoxide explained, "It's like a reintroduction to Twiztid. It's hard, wicked, gangster, street, rock and then some. It's a calming agent as well. Lot of people aren't sure what to expect from us so we made sure to make it clear that nothing's changed."

Madrox added, "It's going to be awesome. It's a perfect mix of musical styles and moods that reflect our current state of mind.  It covers a good amount of topics that range from getting blew out ('Wasted'), to stalking that particular woman of your dreams ('Unjust Love'), to dealing with reality when life becomes to much to handle ('Screaming Out').

"This moment, this time, and this album is like a new start for my brother and I. I mean we are still the same Demented Duo as ever, it's just we are more psyched to take on the world and raise the bar in the way we always have before, but this time it's for us."

A New Nightmare arrives July 30.

See the Canadian tour dates below and peruse their full U.S. schedule at their website. You can also watch a tour trailer at the bottom of the page.

Tour dates:

9/13 Etobicoke, ON - The Rockpile Nightclub
9/17 Winnipeg, MB - Pyramid Cabaret
9/19 Saskatoon, SK - Odeon Events Centre
9/20 Edmonton, AB - Encore
9/21 Lethbridge, AB - Studio 54
9/22 Red Deer, AB - Lotus Nightclub
9/23 Calgary, AB - Dickens Pub
9/26 Nanaimo, BC - Spice Lounge
9/27 Vancouver, BC - Rickshaw Theatre