Twine Recorder

Twine is the musically adventurous duo of Greg Malcolm and Chad Mossholder, who blend instrumentals and electronics to create vestiges of IDM, atmospheric drone, eerie ambient and abstract, yet rhythmic, processed noise. "Cign" is a pretty good piece, for its staccato approach, which is not unlike Plastikman's "Spaz" and "Spastik," yet taking a more atmospheric approach to that lovely choppiness. The same effect also surfaces on a track called "Factor," where instead of a sonic consonant, ridden staccato sounds run through vigorously modulating faders, creating something like NASA deep space recordings of spinning pulsars. "Fine Music" and "Curved" are more melodic overtone pieces that tend towards a drone, but in a pensive and engrossing way. "Touched" has an atmospheric quality, but loaded with several popping sounds that qualifies as breaks, putting it in league with abstract IDM. Recorder is an excellent avant-electronic album, which is engaging to the listener, inviting them to the fringes of electronic music while not straying too deeply into unfamiliar territory. (Bip-hop)