Twilight Singers Announce Dynamite Steps

Twilight Singers Announce <i>Dynamite Steps</i>
Last month, we posted "Blackbird and the Fox," a song from the then-untitled new album from tortured saloon rockers the Twilight Singers. It was the first original material to pop up from the group since 2006's Powder Burns. Since then frontman Greg Dulli has been involved in a number of projects, including his Gutter Twins collaboration with Mark Lanegan and some solo work. The alt-rock soul singer clearly decided enough was enough, however, and returned to his longtime outfit, who have just announced the details for their upcoming record.

According to a press release from Sub Pop, who will release the collection February 15, Dynamite Steps will be an 11-song emotional roller coaster that finds Dulli and company on "the thin line between life and death, mortality and immortality, resignation and celebration -- that mythical moment when your life flashes before your eyes."

The album was recorded sporadically in a number of different locations near and dear to Dulli's heart, making for an album where the "weary nighttime decadence of New Orleans rubs up against the oppressive sunshine of Los Angeles and the desolation of Joshua Tree's desert vistas."

As bleak as it sounds, we're going to be plastered in front of our stereos listening to the singer's heart-wrenching rasp as he helps us through our post-Valentine's Day mope fests. Him and a box of chocolates we'll have bought for ourselves.

Dynamite Steps:

1. "Last Night In Town"

2. "Be Invited"

3. "Waves"

4. "Get Lucky"

5. "On The Corner"

6. "Gunshots"

7. "She Was Stolen"

8. "Blackbird and the Fox"

9. "Never Seen No Devil"

10. "The Beginning of the End"

11. "Dynamite Steps"