Twilight Singers Twilight

Moonlighting from his day job with the Afghan Whigs, Greg Dulli teamed up with friends, including Shawn Smith (Brad, Pigeonhead), Barrett Martin (Screaming Trees) and Steve Cobby and Dave McSherry (aka Fila Brazillia), to create the audaciously intriguing concept album, Twilight. A 12-track disc designed in equal measure to thrill, arouse or mystify, Twilight examines the space between love and hate and other grey areas in relationships. Built between two standout tracks, "The Twilite Kid" and "Twilight," Dulli's solo project thrills with the endless surprise of human nature. Dealing with love's more complicated aspects - the way it tantalises, dominates and possesses otherwise seemingly rational people - the absorbing pop album mixes of confessions, obsessions and surprises in these tracks, which generate a thrilling soul glow. Songs "Clyde" and "King Only" add some blood and thunder to the disc that's designed to follow in the wake Roxy Music's Avalon, Marvin Gaye's Let's Get It On and similar bedroom-minded discs by Prince and David Sylvain. The bouncy production by dance meisters Fila Brazillia adds more gusto and style to the proceedings, which stands as a testament to the overwhelming power of a kiss. A kiss might still be a kiss, but Twilight shows how such simple things can get tangled up in the bed sheets. (Sony)