Robert Smith "There's a Girl in the Corner" (Twilight Sad cover)

Robert Smith 'There's a Girl in the Corner' (Twilight Sad cover)
The Cure 's Robert Smith has given UK indie outfit the Twilight Sad a major co-sign, having delivered an interpretation of the band's Nobody Wants to Be Here and Nobody Wants to Leave track "There's a Girl in the Corner."

Vocals aside, Smith's run-through lands differently than Twilight Sad's original. Though both feature synthetic percussion, the airy clack grafted onto the redo come straight out of the '80s, with the synth lines likewise coming across a little retro. Oddly, it kind of sounds like Smith projecting his famously moody warble above an old Depeche Mode track, circa Music for the Masses.

Smith goes all-out on the song, starting off with a subtly sung line or two before fully embracing the desperation and confusion seeped in lines about the titular crying girl in the corner. "She's not coming back," he croaks of the situation.

Robert Smith's "There's a Girl in the Corner" is the B-side to the Twilight Sad's upcoming "It Was Never the Same" single, which Fat Cat releases June 15.