Twerk Now I'm Rendered Useless

Useless More glitch techno from the Force Inc. crew, featuring kinetic dance floor-oriented material. Now I'm Rendered Useless has sounds that range from slow mechanical techno-drone to frenetic up-tempo tech-house. Despite the range in clutter on this CD, there is a steady pulse to the tunes, in the form of a consistent bass line throughout, which holds the music together. Twerk appears to have a knack for coming up with odd names for his tracks, including "Geeky Minimal Sausage Party" and "Chili Charm." Among the more interesting tracks forming Twerk's latest effort is "Miol," which is a relatively slow-paced drone track with mechanical wails in the background, as if several computers were wailing for their maker. "Miol" appears to be where bad computers go if they crash too often. "Quirnjik_Survey" is a good thumping track that would sound great worked into a minimal tech-house set in order to throw clubbers a curve. While I enjoy minimal techno in all its incarnations, I'm beginning to find some of Force Inc.'s releases a bit too consistent. Techno need not always sound so similar, how about adding in some other styles for change? (Force Inc.)