Tweens Silver Dollar, Toronto ON, April 8

Tweens Silver Dollar, Toronto ON, April 8
Photo: Tiana Feng
Cincinnati band Tweens got their big break last year when '90s rock band the Breeders tapped them to open for a string of U.S. tour dates. The band was only a year old at that point and icon Kim Deal first discovered them when she booked the band for a one-off gig based on the recommendation of a local record shop owner. That's how much Tweens impressed Deal.

It's no surprise that Deal fell for the immediately gratifying hooks of tracks like "Rattle + Rollin'" and infectious singles "Be Mean" and "Forever." Songs barrel through, both live and on record, like a sugar rush of crunchy melodies wrapped in punk ferocity. When done right, it's a tried and tested formula for success.

Last night marked the release date of Tweens' debut, self-titled album, and although the mid-week late-night set may have deterred people from coming out (the show was criminally under-attended), this wasn't going to stop the trio from purchasing a cake and celebrating the momentous occasion.

Roaring through the songs on the album — and still clocking in a 40-minute performance, tops, including a one-song encore — Tweens' doo-wop punk veered more towards the latter descriptor. Singer Bridget Battle's nasal vocals showed off more grit live, turning pop refrains into intense snarls.

This definitely took the pop sweetness off of otherwise swinging melodies on "Bored in the City" and the aforementioned "Be Mean," but the results were still impressive and the catchiness of each song still remained at the centre. Live, Tweens were a rush that will surely mimic the cake the band devoured after the show.

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