Turbonegro Ass Cobra/Apocalypse Dudes

These Norwegian death punk freaks were at the top of their game back in 1998 when they dropped one of the most rocking albums of the decade with the universally-loved Apocalypse Dudes. Was the pressure of having to stick sparklers up their bums each and every night too much for the band? Perhaps, because shortly after the album was launched they broke up, leaving everyone wondering just what the hell happened. Well, the masters of ass are back and have a new album due out soon. To lube up rock fans everywhere for the inevitable denim boy mania to come, Epitaph has jumped on board and re-released Turbonegro's two best studio albums. 1996's Ass Cobra saw the band's first real swing to their modern balls-out anthemic punk rock sound with amazing songs like "I Got Erection" and "Sailor Man" with its Tom of Finland-esque homoerotic imagery. While this album is full of classic tracks, it's far from perfect and dogs like "Hobbit Mother Fuckers" and "Raggare is a Bunch Of Mother Fuckers" mar the album. Apocalypse Dudes however, is basically perfection with its crushing production, great playing and timeless odes to rough gay sex. Find me better tracks than the Dictators/Ramones inspired "Get It On" or the blistering "Good Head" and I'll stick sparklers up my own bum. The line "I got a headache in my pants" from "Back To Dungaree High" proves that good songwriting doesn't really age, it just get more true with time. (Epitaph)